Using the TMPA900 CPU Boards

TMPA900 Instructions for U-Boot and Linux

A brief introduction about how to use te Glyn TMPA900-CPU-Board devices with Linux and U-Boot.
We are going to replace all contents of the NAND flash - so make sure to have a backup if there is any valuable data on your device. For now we assume you have U-Boot installed on your device already.

What we need

Working with U-Boot

Configure Ethernet

setenv ipaddr <your IP address>
setenv serverip <your TFTP server IP address>

Install a new kernel

tftp 0x40600000 uImage
nand erase 0x80000 0x300000
nand write 0x40600000 0x80000 0x300000

Erase the environment

Erasing the environment resets all U-Boot configuration setting to their defaults. This is useful if you upgraded U-Boot from an old release.

U-Boot> nand erase 0x60000 0x20000


Some additional information

U-Boot partition layout

Using a JTAG

OpenOCD configuration

Bootstrapping without a working bootloader

Building Linux


[1] Downloads for TPA900 Boards: