Letux 400 - JZ4730 mini notebook

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Ingenic Jz4730 based mini computers

The Ingenic Jz4730 is a MIPS-32 based CPU running in little endian mode. There are currently a lot of different models of sub-notebooks floating around, basically all of them based on the same design. Some very good information of those can be found in the Epc700 Wiki.

Become root

The easiest way to become root (or get a root shell) is to use the PDF reader. In its settings you can select an external application to be launched for contents like HTML links in PDF documents. As application simply select "/usr/sbin/telnetd". After doing that open the "Help" function and click on the link in the help window. Now telnetd has beend started in background and you can telnet into the mininote! Login as root with no password.

Hint: Once you got there you should probably uncomment the root-shell from /etc/inittab - after that you can CTRL-ALT-F3, press ENTER and get a shell directly on the device... pretty handy...

Debian bootstrap

Somewhat difficult to setup. Just follow the steps from the Epc700 Wiki. To ease the process I have created the intermediate results:

Useful Hints

Things more or less urgently needed

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