Linux port to skeye.pos mobile

Scope:Linux port
Contributors:Florian, Nils
Status:active, supported
Last update:2012
[skeye.pad POS]

Linux port to the skeye.pos

Linux port to the Höft&Wessel skeye.pos mobile point of sale device. The skeye.pos is a full featured and ruggedized mobile device for point of sales activities and similar tasks. It includes a huge variety of peripherals such as a ticket printer, Smart Card and magnetic stripe card reader, GPRS modem and 2D barcode imager. More details can be found on the official product page. Linux support is up to 2.6.35 now and actively maintained.

Support Status

ComponentSupport Status
Basic device support (CPU, memory, serial port)works
NOR flashworks
NAMD flashworks
MMC (if available)missing
Power management / suspendworks
Booting from flashworks
Battery statusworks
USB clientworks
USB hostworks
Magnetic Stripe Card Readerworks
Smart Card Readerworks
2D Barcode Imagerworks
GPRS Modemworks

How to test...

There is a demo available for download below. It does not require any installation on the device nor changes the installed Windows CE software on your device. Only a hard reset is required so all settings and data stored in RAM will be lost.

You need to copy the three files extracted from the downloadable archive to a CF memory card (FAT filesystem, 512MB or larger). Boot your POS and launch the linux.exe application from the CF card ("Storage Card" in WinCE). After a few seconds a Tux logo should appear and the device boots into Linux. If you want to return to CE just reboot the device selecting "Log out" from the menu or by removing the battery.

Known limitations:


Linux Demo to start from WinCE (Compressed Tar archive)

Linux Demo to start from WinCE (ZIP archive)


GPE demo Click to enlarge