Linux port to skeye.allegro

Scope:Linux / Android port
Contributors:Ole, Arne, Florian
Started:2006, 2011
Startus:active, supported
Last update:2014
[skeye.allegro and LS]

Linux port to the skeye.allegro

We started to port Linux to the early PXA255 based skeye.allegro several years ago. For these there is very basic Linux support for demonstration purposes. For the modern PX320-CPU based generation Linux support is pretty complete. In addition to this we have ported Android to the skeye.allegro LS which is now an official Metric product.

Support Status

ComponentSupport Status
Basic device support (CPU, memory, serial port) complete
NAND flashsupported
SD / MMC, SDIOsupported
Power management / standbysupported
Booting from flashsupported (using the original bootloader)
Battery statussupported
USB host and clientsupported
Laser Barcode readersupported
UMTS modemsupported

How to test...

There are several different variants of this device available in the market. Therefore there is no single demo image available for all of these. Currently you need to install Linux on some variants of the device for testing. Therefore you might need the flash update tool in order to be able to install Linux and an image file with the original Windows CE software in order to restore the old state.


not available so far

If you want to try on your device please drop us a mail so that we can check if we have an easy to use demo for it.


GPE demo The GPE based Linux demo image running on a skeye.allego LS.