Ka-Ro TX51 and TX53 Android BSP packages

Project:TX51 / TX53 Android
Scope:Android BSP for Ka-Ro TX Modules
Status:active, supported
Last update:2012
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Android BSP for Ka-Ro TX51 and TX53 Modules

Android is becoming more and more popular for use in embedded environments other than mobile phones. The Ka-Ro Electronics TX51 is a small form factor CoM based on the Freescale i.MX51 SoC. We made a little Board Support Package for the TX51 for people who want to start product development based on Android.

A board support package for the i.MX535-based TX53 CoM has been prepared and will be available soon.

Support Status

Basic features supported on the TX51. A board with 256MB RAM is required for Android. Hardware accelerated display is available, touchscreen and calibration is supported as well as several peripherals and NAND flash storage. Latest Android for the TX51 currently is release 2.2.

All models of the TX53 are supported by the Android BSP - including TX53-1331 with LVDS interface. Hardware support includes VGA display, touchscreen, GPU with hardware acceleration, and several peripherals. Its BSP is based on Android 2.3.7.


Android Demo for TX51

Android Demo for TX53-8030


TX51 Android The first Ka-Ro TX51 running Android 2.2 - photo taken at an early stage of the project.