FriendlyARM board support

Project:Micro2440 BS
Scope:Tools and board support

Board Support for the FriendlyARM Mini2440 and Micro2440

The FriendlyARM Micro2440 is a tiny stamp module with 400 MHz Samsung S3C2440A ARM9 processor.

We are using it in connection with the "SDK" baseboard that is sold with it by FriendlyARM. The Mini2440 is similar to the Micro2440 with the difference that it consists of a single board only.

Support Kit and Tools

We have prepared a set of files that can be used to bootstrap and evaluate a Micro2440 (or Mini2440). It does not rely an any other software that might be shipped with or installed on the board. It consists of the following files:

How to test...

There is a work in progress article about challenging the Micro2440 with Open Source tools located here.

The full demo image contains an Angström filesystem with a small GPE PDA-like graphical user interface. It fits in the NOR flash of the board and contains a major share of the GMAE componets such as GTK+, X11 and DBus. The filesystem was build using OpenEmbedded.

If you have questions about this demo just send me a mail.


Support Kit Package 64MB NAND boards only (last update: 2009-05-22)

µCross 7" Demo Kit (last update: 2010-04-17)


GPE demo The GPE based Linux demo image running on Micro2440 board with QVGA screen.