What's new at KC Labs?

2012-07-21: Update of Android support project.

This Android support project has evolved a little bit and includes some updates for the TX51 as well as full support for the TX53 now.

2011-12-02: Project updates

We finally managed to get some project information updated. Especially the porting projects made some progress and several new details were added.

2011-03-24: Some new bits

We have some new projects here and the skeye.pos page gained a little update. Linux support for this device has improved and was updated to a much more recent kernel.

2010-05-17: skeye.pad POS Demo Update

The Linux Demo for the skeye.pad POS has been updated to use the latest Linux kernel and adds the missing kernel image to the downloadable archive.

2010-04-17: New Topas 910 Demo

We have a new Topas 910 demo image available from the Topas910 page. It comes with several kernel and userland updates including support for additional displays.

2010-01-24: Topas910 and TopasA900 NAND

Thanks to a brave man at Toshiba who provided the necessary fixes we have NAND flash support in latest kernel and U-Boot. The performance is a little bit limited since DMA access does not work reliably yet but it makes it possible to have quite complex Linux filesystem images on the Topas A900 which has a small NOR flash only.

HTTP access to the GIT server is working again too.

2009-12-03: Topas910 Linux updates

The Topas910 kernel repository has been updated to latest 2.6.32 release. All existing drivers have been merged and adapted to work with it. A first test looks pretty good - obviously we did not break any core functionality.

2009-11-20: µCross Demo and Slides

An early preview for the µCross distribution in form of a flashable image, toolchain and a set of slides from the Glyn/Toshiba Linux Symposium can be found at the new (WIP, German) website.

2009-10-03: Topas910 updates

The Topas910 kernel repository has been updated to latest 2.6.31 release. OpenOCD SVN has support for the Topas910 and TMPA9x0 CPU.

2009-07-31: mini2440 screencast

Forrest Sheng Bao uploaded a pretty nice screencast about installing u-boot, Linux and the GPE image on a mini2440 board here. Its based on the description and images from KC Labs.

2009-06-17: Anjuta OE SDK Plugin Released

The first release of the OpenEmbedded SDK plugin for Anuta IDE is ready. It simplifies cross development with Anjuta using standalone toolchains or OpenEmbedded build trees.
Find more information here.

2009-05-25: Information about the Micro2440

Information about the FriendlyARM Micro2440 and Mini2440 have been added.

2009-05-13: Toaps910 Update</a></h3> <p> The Topas910 project page has a new flash image with an easy to install GPE filesystem available. It can be used as a base foe on developments - a matching SDK will de available soon. </p> <h3 id="2009-05-04-U-Boot-for-Toshiba-Topas910"><a title="Link to this section" href="" class="anchor">2009-05-04: U-Boot for Toshiba Topas910</a></h3> <p> The <a href="">Git server</a> has a source repository of the U-Boot port to the Topas910. The port is basically the one by Michael Hasselberg with some changes to environment defaults and initialisation. It is able to boot the standalone Linux kernel like the lowlevel bootloader but provide a much more features like an interactive shell and support for Ethernet and NOR flash. </p> <h3 id="2009-04-24-http-access-to-git-repositories"><a title="Link to this section" href="" class="anchor">2009-04-24: http access to git repositories</a></h3> <p> Its possible to clone our git repositories through http now. Use a command like this: <fieldset class="pygments_code"> <legend class="pygments_code"></legend> <pre><code>git clone</code></pre> </fieldset> </p> <h3 id="2009-04-22-Topas-910-updates"><a title="Link to this section" href="" class="anchor">2009-04-22: Topas 910 updates</a></h3> <p> The Topas 910 page was updated as well as the downloadable demo. It still lacks support for mass storage devices but it is based on a recent Linux 2.6.29 now and supports LED display, joypad and all GPIO ports. There is a short article about it <a href="">here</a>. </p> <!-- ---------------------------- --> <h2 id="External-Feeds"><a title="Link to this section" href="" class="anchor">External Feeds</a></h2> <ul> <li><a href="/News/LinuxToGo/">LinuxToGo newsfeed</a></li> <li><a href="/News/Florian-s-Blog/">Florian's Blog</a></li> <li><a href="/News/TuxMobil-News/">Tuxmobil News</a></li> </ul> <p id="permalink"><a href="" title="permalink to this page">permalink</a></p> </div> <!-- footer section --> <div id="footer"> <p> powered by <a href="">PyLucid v0.8.6rc1</a> | <a href="/_command/21/auth/login/">Log in</a> | last modified: 2012-07-22 01:54:32.408331 </p> </div> </div> </body> </html>